How to remove rust stains from the bathtub

How to remove rust stains from the bathtub

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When there is a small water leak in the faucet of our bathtub or sink, over time the leak leaves a line of rust from the faucet to the sink. This unsightly rust stain can be removed at home using such natural products as lemon and salt.

Therefore, to remove the rust stain from the bathtub we will need:

  • 1 lemon (or lime in its absence)
  • 1/4 cup of salt

This natural remedy based on lemon and salt is tremendously effective thanks to the combination of the acidity of lemon with the abrasive power of salt.

How to remove rust stains from the bathtub

1.- Apply the mixture

First we will squeeze the lemon juice over the oxidized areas and then we will cover the same oxidized areas with salt.

2.- Let it take effect

Let the mixture remain on the rusted area for 3-4 hours to take effect.

3.- Remove the mixture along with the rust stain

Use a nylon sponge to scrub and clean the solution, taking any rust stains with it.

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