Chinese horoscope: Horse 2020

Chinese horoscope: Horse 2020

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2020 Year of the Earth Yang Dog for the horse

The Dog and the Horse get along, because they are complementary. They feel mutual admiration and love. Although they are very different, they will be able to keep up with each other throughout the year and understand why it should be this way. The year of the Earth Dog Yang begins on February 16, 2020 and ends on February 4, 2020.

  • Your number luck: 5.
  • Tu stone lucky: black tumalina
  • Your color: green and ivory
  • your Fragrance: floral and fruity during the day and suggestive at night
  • Your flower: Red rose
  • Your energy: Yang
  • Your Element: Fire
  • Important parts of the body: kidneys and reproductive system
  • Your correspondent with Zodiac Greek: Gemini.
  • Compatible with Horse: Tiger and Dog

Personal Evolution

Personally this is going to be a year in which you will not be able to be as independent as you usually are. If you want everything to flow, you will have to learn to work in a group and take into account the opinion of others. You will have to be more aware of the family.


Love will be important this year, because it is in it where you will find emotional stability. If you are single you will find someone, who will help you to calm down and balance yourself. This is very important to you, because you need someone who knows how to listen, advise and support. Someone who gives you that serenity, that you need so much.


At work you are going to have a good year, because you will realize that your acquired knowledge and experience are very valuable and will help you climb and pursue your goals. You will recycle and study strategic methods that you lack. You will be determined to succeed professionally. You will also realize that by using your contacts and relationships, you can more easily reach your goals.


Your generosity will be of great value to you and you will be able to help your family, friends and participate in humanitarian aid causes. You will be aware that you have to generate more income, to give a better quality of life to your family. You need to organize and manage your money well, so as not to waste it and have it spread for everything. You will allocate a part of your income to travel. You will really want this year.

Social Life and Friends

A Horse always has a social life and this year will be no different, even if there is nothing to highlight. Your chatting with them, their mutual support, their advice, will be very useful.

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