Painting tips: brushes

Painting tips: brushes

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We are going to give some tips and tricks for painting that can be very useful and make our work more useful.

1. Remember as general advice that:

  • For uneven surfaces such as angles, moldings, etc. round brushes are better.
  • For wide and flat surfaces the best solution is the roller or the flat and wide brushes.

2. To make them last longer, once you have bought the brushes and before using them, put them in linseed oil for about twelve hours.

3. Maintain the brushes. When finishing painting, use the correct solvent. For paints or white glues, just soap and water. For pigments and synthetic enamels, the best is turpentine. If we are going to continue painting, it is advisable to store the brush in a tightly closed plastic bag.

4. Retrieve a brush. If you have a hard brush that you did not clean on a previous occasion, you can recover it with a solvent, ex. turpentine, immersing it in it for a few hours. If you don't have solvent at home, you can try hot water and bleach, even bringing it to a boil.

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