Giorgio Restaurant

Giorgio Restaurant

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Curiosorestaurant Italian, whose efforts in favor of the quality of a conventional kitchen give its result. At Giorgio, as soon as you enter, you perceive the aroma of his good pizzas and Italian cuisine in general in an environment where his paintings do not go unnoticed. It is not just another Italian, it is the product of the dedication of more than 36 years that its owner, Giorgio, has dedicated to leading this unique project.

A point to take into account is the restaurant's philosophy in taking care of its sources of supply with quality raw materials. Of course they make their own fresh pasta, they have a boat that works on the coast in the vicinity for fish and they supply themselves of fruits and vegetables directly from the garden in the area. Not to mention the excellent breads of their own.

Some recommendations from the menu. Conspec arugula salad, Parmesan salad, Trio of pizzas, Spaghetti with pesto. The pizzas are very thin and delicious.

Leave room for desserts, bitter chocolate cake, Tiramisu…. It has several tasting menus that Giorgio changes every night.

You will enjoy a simple bohemian atmosphere but full of works of art as an exhibition in its corners and walls.

Despite the predominance of Italian cuisine, cava is very present in the restaurant, being able to taste excellent Catalan cavas in a restaurant bar.

Google Maps address and phone
C / Angel Guimerá 4/43820 Calafell / Tarragona)
Tel. 977 691 159

Menu / Recommended dishes

Conspec arugula salad, Parmesan salad, Trio of pizzas, Spaghetti with pesto. The pizzas.

Other data of interest: Closed from Monday to Thursday except in July and August
Rating Restaurant Giorgio in the gastronomy guides: Euroresidents: 8.50
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- stars8- Suns

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