Why some people's intelligence "ages" better than others

Why some people's intelligence

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Keep a good brain health in old age it is the key to good aging. This includes the ability to perform everyday tasks and remain independent.

What makes a 65-year-old "more clueless" than another over 90? Many of us have known or are close to these examples and we wonder what these differences are due to.

Know what factors are decisive when it comes to getting a healthy mental aging it is something that worries us all.

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A team of Scottish researchers have found that it is a mixture ofgenetic factors and of factors environmental those responsible for the way in which maintains intelligence level throughout life.

Genetic and environmental factors responsible for change in intelligence throughout life

Genome-wide data from 1,940 unrelated individuals whose intelligence was measured in infancy (age 11 years) and again in the elderly (65 years, 70 or 79 years) were used for the study. The study, which appears in the journal Nature, it is the only one in which intelligence has been measured in the same group of people over a long period of time.

They calculated the genetic contribution to differences in intelligence in childhood and old age, and the change between those times, in different people. The results show that intelligence it seems to be very influenced by genetic makeup, but also by environmental factors.

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