Best Nanotechnology Products of 2004

Best Nanotechnology Products of 2004

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Forbes magazine has just published a list of what it considers the 10 best products made with nanotechnology and marketed during 2004. The best nano-products according to the opinion of the experts from Forbes and Lux ​​Research are the following:

  1. Hotbeds (foot warmer). They are only 2.5mm thick and cost $ 19.99 for one pair.
  2. Washable mattress. A product launched by Simmons Bedding Company is a multi-layer mattress. The applied nanotechnology allows sweat and moisture to be trapped in a layer of the mattress that can then be zipped off and washed like any washable garment.
  3. Golf balls. We already referred to this NanoDynamics product in our blog about technological advances, golf balls capable of dramatically reducing the turns and movements to which the balls can be subjected during a match.
  4. Personalized beauty products. With the help of nanotechnology, Bionova offers tailored skin care products according to age, profession, lifestyle, etc. of your customers.
  5. Bandages for burns. Nucryst Pharmaceuticals uses silver nanoparticles to make special bandages for large burns and chronic wounds. Silver kills bacteria, so incorporating this metal into bandages is a breakthrough made possible through nanotechnology.
  6. Disinfectants. For military use in airplanes, ships, submarines etc., this EnviroSystems product made with nanospheres cleans and disinfects without having harmful effects on users.
  7. Mindor. This BASF product uses nanoparticles is to improve the hydrophobicity of materials used in the construction sector. Through this technique, buildings are kept cleaner and drier.
  8. Clarity defender. A car windshield product able to repel rain, snow, ice, insects etc. which improves vision clarity by up to 35% during a rainy night. The product is manufactured with a layer of nano-film
  9. Muscle pain ointment. Flex power, this ointment uses nano liposomes to soothe pain. Many athletes already use it.
  10. Dental adhesive. Developed with nanoparticles, this adhesive offers more guarantees than the adhesives currently used by dentists.

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