Hercules name meaning

Hercules name meaning

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Hercules, male name from Roman mythology, the equivalent of Heracles from Greek mythology. Its origin is also derived from the word "do"whose meaning is"That which is fenced"(referring to property defense fences).

History and the Saint

HerculesAccording to Greek mythology, Heracles was a hero noted for his incredible strength and courage to face multiple feats. Basted son of Zeus with the wife of General Anhost named Alcmena. Zeus' legitimate wife, Hera discovers her husband's infidelity and decides to kill Hercules; he sends two snakes, but even though Hercules was small he ends up strangling them. Hercules has three children with the Theban princess Megara; Hera the wife of Zeus induces Hercules into a temporary madness where he kills his three children. Upon becoming aware of his action, he is horrified, the oracle of Delphi tells him that he has to purge his guilt by being a servant of his cousin Eurystheus, king of Mycenae, who challenges him to 12 tests.

Hercules variant

Hercules in other languages:

  • Catalan: Hercules.
  • English: Hercules.
  • French: Hercule.
  • Italian: Ercole.

Famous, famous historical figures by the name of Hercules

  • Hercules, constellation of the northern hemisphere, between Lyre and the Boreal Crown; its name is due to the figure of the hero Hercules on his knees.
  • Hercules Columns, It was an ancient name that the Greeks gave to two rocks that were at the eastern entrance to the Strait of Gibraltar.
  • HerculesPoirot, detective created by Ágata Christie (famous writer of police novels), Poirot was responsible for discovering and uncovering the crimes and participated in almost all her novels; in his work The curtain 1975 is where the detective dies.

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