Meaning of Zacarías name

Meaning of Zacarías name

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Zacarías Male name of Hebrew origin "Zak-har-iah", its meaning is "He who is the memory of God"or"The one that God remembers".

History and the Saint

Saint Zacharias, priest and prophet. Zechariah, was a temple priest and lived during Herod's reign in Judea in the century before Christ. Santa's husband Isabel, (cousin of the Virgin Maria) and father of San John the baptist; According to tradition, the marriage being of advanced age and without offspring, the archangel appeared Gabriel announcing the birth of their child. Refusing to believe, he remains speechless until the day of the delivery where he was heard to name his son.
His Santose celebrates on November 5.
Other Saints Zechariah:

San Zacarías, pope is celebrated on March 22, San Zacarías, bishop and martyr, on May 26, San Zacarías, monk, on June 10 and San Zacarías, prophet; on September 6.

Variant of Zechariah

Diminutives: Zach, Zack, Zacky.

Zechariah in other languages:

  • Catalan: Zacaries.
  • French: Zacharie.
  • English: Zacariah.
  • Italian: Zaccaria.

Famous, famous historical figures by the name of Zacharias

  • Zechariah, Old Testament book, attributed to Zacharias the priest and prophet; It belongs to the collection of 12 prophetic books called Minor Prophets.
  • Zechariah of Israel; king of Israel for 6 months; successor to his father Jeroboam II, he was the last of the Jehu dynasty.


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