Tips to get cheap flights

Tips to get cheap flights

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Getting cheap flights can be an arduous and laborious task that requires time, patience and knowing a few little things. tips or tricks that we explain below.

What is the best time to buy a plane ticket?

The general opinion is that if we buy the plane ticket in advance it will be cheaper because the price of the tickets tends to increase in the last weeks before the flight.

There are many factors that determine when is the best time to buy your plane ticket for a lower price:

  • It is proven that the best time to book flights is 7 weeks before the chosen date, when the ticket price is on average 9'7% cheaper.
  • If you are thinking of crossing the ocean, transoceanic flights They drop considerably in price if you book them well in advance. Between 6 and 7 months before going to your destination would be the perfect time to acquire it.
  • The cheapest months to fly are January and November, followed by February. While July and August are the most expensive months to fly. If you take it into account, you could save up to 15%.
  • It is also relevant the day of the week on which you fly: Tuesdays or Wednesdays are the cheapest days to travel. Since when the airlines have not had a good week, on Tuesday they lower their rates. As of Thursday, flights become more expensive for the weekend.
  • It is also a mistake to search for flights at night, all people do it at night and it is when prices are higher, it is more advisable to do it during the morning or in the early afternoon.

Last minute offer on flights

There may be a probability that the ticket price is cheaper but It will depend on whether or not the company has managed to fill the flight.

Experts advise control the prices of empty seats for several days and see the departure dates of the days before or after in case we are lucky and we can save money on the purchase of the ticket.

Delete the cookies from your computer

Many times, while comparing flight offers on the Internet, we see how prices increase in the same company in a matter of minutes. This is because cookies record our searches and 'inform' the flight websites of the destinations in which we are interested so that they can decide whether or not to raise prices.

Solution: Delete the cookies from your computer and your browsing history will be empty and you will be able to find your cheapest flight. You can also try browsing in an incognito window

Fly on unusual dates to find cheap flights

You have to Be flexible to get cheap flights because the companies have fewer seats with discounts in the holidays they know that people will pay higher prices for traveling at Easter, Christmas, long weekends ...

  • How to save on the price of flights in high season

Where is it better to buy airline tickets to save money?

Flight comparison websites, travel agencies, official websites.

The price of the flights may vary depending on the place where you check it.

Google Flights: You can configure it as you want, and you will find the best prices when you are checking. It gives you links to the site where you can buy the site at the best price.

Iberia Auctions: the page offers you destinations on certain dates, in order to complete flights.

You must bid for a price higher than the starting price and wait for the waiting time to pass. At that moment they will tell you if the flight is for you or for someone else. You can also choose the destination you want to fly to and they will notify you when they put the flights to that place.

Other tips that can help you get cheap flights:

  • Create price alerts on travel websites for the flight you want to get
  • Sometimes stopovers on your flight can lower the price
  • Check the price of the return tickets separately sometimes it is cheaper
  • If in your area and in the destination area there are several airports, check which one is cheaper. Sometimes in less-traveled airports the price is lower, but you must take into account the subsequent travel to your destination
  • The credit card has higher fees than the debit card, so it is advisable to pay with a debit card
  • Some airlines have discounts for young people or for large families, find out well

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