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Travel for women

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Some travel ideas for women alone or in a group provided by The Herald Sun newspaper.

  • Connect with a goddess: Visiting a destination during a festival can be an inspiring experience. The festival presents the pink city of Jaipur with its best coloring, street parades and lots of dancing and singing. (See: Travel to India).
  • Learn to sail: The good thing about sailing is that age and physical strength are not a barrier to enjoying the activity, although it certainly requires a spirit of adventure. Sailing builds camaraderie and is a fun way to see some of the world's most exotic destinations like the Whitsundays, the Bahamas, the Greek Islands and the Mediterranean. (See: Marinas in Spain).
  • Snowboard: Go to the French Alps to descend from the summits. Rudegirls LITE Snowboard Week (March 25-April 1) is a women-only vacation at Chalet Joseph in Morzine. It offers the lessons given by the instructor Angel, winner of the Half Tube in the women's category and the World Cup in France in the 80s, for everyone, from the most novice to the most experienced. (See: Snowboard in Spain, Ski in Europe and Ski in Spain). Other entertaining activities for the girls include yoga classes, evening moonlit sleigh rides, and dancing the night away at Morzine's nightspots.
  • To visit a museum.Washington DC is hard to beat when it comes to the number of high-quality museums in the city. The US capital has a museum for every subject that exists, including women's museums such as the National Museum of Women in the Arts, which is the only museum in the world dedicated to to women artists. The National Museum of American History houses the First Ladies Exhibition, displaying a display of dresses, White House porcelain, and other personal items (from Michelle Obama to Martha Washington). (See: Travel to the United States).

  • Go volunteering abroad. Being part of a community project is a way to make a difference in someone else's life while feeling good about exploring a different region. Provides an opportunity to help less fortunate women and children while immersing ourselves in the culture of an exotic destination. From volunteering at an orphanage for girls in Nicaragua to teaching languages ​​in Argentina, there are plenty of places in Africa, Asia and the Americas. in the South where help is needed. (See: EVS European Volunteering)
  • Travel to Bali: Bali is a destination that evokes strong emotions. Those who love it say it is a place with spiritual vibes. Pampering yourself is also on the agenda, with luxury hotels and villas offering facials, cooking classes, and yoga. (See: The Best Beach Resorts in Bali)
  • Enjoy luxury in London Visiting London during the 2012 Olympics? With its warm pink palette and retro glamor, sleeping in the Schiaparelli Suite at the May Fair Hotel is an exquisite pleasure for any woman. It is also the official hotel for London Fashion Week. (See: Travel to London).
  • Girl getaway. Since most of us have busy lives, finding time to have fun with friends can be problematic. So why not take some much-needed time and book a ladies-only getaway? If you want a cultural touch, you can visit New Orleans, Louisiana, which has a high number of buskers, colorful markets and Creole culture.A good time to visit with the girls is during the FestiGals (from the 22 to June 24), a festival aimed at empowering women. The calendar is packed with networking events, plus tours and fun activities like cooking classes, fashion shows, and spa visits.

  • Celebrate the end of the world. The Mayans probably didn't have a Hollywood disaster movie in mind when they invented the Long Count calendar in 3114BC. And they surely did not know that their calendar would be the trigger for Mexico to become the fashionable tourist place this year. The celebrations have already begun and travelers flock to see archaeological sites and celebrate the beginning of a new era in the heart of the Mayan empire. (See travel to Mexico).

Source: Herald Sun.

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