How to upholster stools

How to upholster stools

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Upholstering stools in 3 easy steps

The upholstery for stools, we explain the process step by step so that its realization is the easiest and simplest way. All this forces the upholstery of stools to require an almost periodic renovation.

The foam and the fillers synthetics are more easy to use and more clean. Likewise, the electric or manual stapler has simplified the renovation of many of these upholstery jobs today.

Repairing a rigid stool or seat

Some stools are made of a structure of wood or from metal in which the seat is placed. The seat consists of a rigid piece of wood covered by a filling and then upholstered. Once that piece is disassembled, it is usually very easy to remove the old upholstery by lifting the staples or the ends with a tipper.

Steps to follow for upholstering stools

  1. If the upholstery padding is in poor condition, Replace for a plate of foam of himself size so that it fits like the previous.
  2. Tense and hold the new one on the back of the structure rigid by using staples or tips.
  3. Cover all the surface from the bottom with a stool lining.

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