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Can you learn DIY on the Internet? The answer is yes. Josh Catone on his page A big List of Sites that teach you how to do stuff, presents an excellent guide to useful sites to learn a lot of things about DIY (do-it-yourself) or how to do things in general of the most diverse topics from building something to baking a cake.

A brief reference of the sites that Josh Catone contributes to learn to do things (including DIY):

  • Instructables. It is a community where people can create and share guides that cover a wide variety of topics on crafts, cooking, technology and the home. The guides are illustrated and users can rate and discuss them with each other.
  • SuTree. With the motto "watch and learn" collect DIY tutorial videos from more than 250 sources. Its impressive library has more than 11,000 videos covering every topic imaginable.
  • TrickLife. Also with learning videos, covering a wide number of topics. Its computer section is one of the most active with a good number of tutorials on how to use various computer programs.
  • VideoJug. It is one of the largest video learning sites using professional media, not necessarily "DIY" but includes it. They have on their servers more than 15,000 learning videos on the most diverse topics (from how to kiss to Christmas decoration). The videos include text with the different steps for easier monitoring.
  • eHow. Also with learning videos on a wide variety of topics. Most of the videos were created by the editorial team.
  • Make: Poscast. Make Magazine is one of the most attractive monthly DIY magazines, with amazing projects. Your online video podcast in a large collection of resources to learn how to do things more diverse.
  • aHow to:
  • TeacherTube. It is a YouTube clone aimed at providing a space for educational videos that can be used by teachers in class. Some of the videos are very pretty good.
  • HubPages. Although not entirely focused on learning, Squidoo focuses its eyes on information pools related to all kinds of topics and frequently includes guides on “how to…”.
  • DiYNetwork. Website with videos and "How-to" tutorials for all the different areas of the house
  • It is one of the classic sites. Buried in an editorial may be hundreds of tutorials, including videos, although these are sometimes difficult to discover.
  • LifeHacker. Although it is not totally focused on DIY, it is oriented to everything that has to do with hacking things in life, that is, optimizing them, doing them ourselves, how to do something easily ...
  • Doityourself. Page focused on housing optimization with “how-to” (how-to) and “projects” sections.
  • Makezine. Magazine for “Make things” with videos and instructions for doing all kinds of things by hand (including DIY topics).

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