Search cheap flights with Google

Search cheap flights with Google

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Google Flights allows you to search for destinations by region to find the cheapest flight.

Organizing a trip can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to booking flights. Often times, your choice of an airport can determine your vacation budget, but thankfully Google has solved the problem.

Instead of searching by destination, Google Flights Search now allows searching by region. This broader set of results allows users to see the various airports in the area, rather than focusing on a specific location.

The web tool, launched in 2011, offers the possibility of reserving flights based on the time range or available budget.

Now, with its new feature, instead of typing "London" and automatically displaying the flight list, the user can enter "England, United Kingdom" to see a list of the different airports and prices in the region, from Bristol to Leeds .

And in case the user is willing to change their plans based on the price of the flight, Google will also show the prices of the surrounding areas, such as France and Ireland.

For those still unsure of where they want to go on spring break, searching by region might be easier.

Source: Google Flights.

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