Meaning of name Ana

Meaning of name Ana

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Ana is a feminine name of Hebrew origin "Ana", what does it mean "The one who favors, is merciful, compassionate"or"The one with grace and compassion"

History and the Saint

Saint Anne and Joaquin, parents of the Virgin Mary

See Saint Joaquin.

Saint Ana

According to tradition Anna was a maiden from Nazareth and married to Joaquin, for 20 years they tried to have children. On one occasion Joaquin decides to make an offering in the temple, but the priest rejects it because they are sterile and do not increase the people of God. Before the prayers, Ana managed to beget a girl "Mary" the mother of God. According to the Church, through the theories of Imperiali, Ana after giving birth continued to preserve her virginity. In 1677 the Pope considered this belief as heretical, as well as the legend that Ana got pregnant with a kiss from Joaquín. Saint Anne is the patron saint of Hannover and Hildesheim and of various trades, among which: firefighters, jewelers, sailors, cabinetmakers, pregnant women and housewives, etc.
His Saint is celebrated on July 26.

OtherSantas Ana: Santa Ana, prophetess is celebrated on September 1; Santa Ana (from Los Angeles) Monteagudo, religious on January 10; Santa Ana de San Bartolomé, Virgin on June 7; Saint Anne Francisca de Villeneuve, martyr on February 1; Saint Anne Hamard, martyr on February 1; Santa Ana Line, martyr on February 27.

Variant of Ana: Anna, Aina, Anais (very common in France), Hanna, Annie, Nancy
Ana in other languages, Catalan: Anna; French: Anne, Anais; English: Hanna, Ann, Annie, Italian: Anna.

Famous, famous historical figures by the name of Ana:

  • Anne Boleyn, second wife of Henry VIII, King of England; mother of the future Queen Elizabeth I.
  • AnaMaria matuteBorn in Barcelona in 1926, a novelist with a great personal style within Spanish literature.
  • Ana Stuart, Queen of England and Ireland between (1702 - 1714)
  • AnaTorroja, singer of the pop group Mecano
  • Ana Karenina, best psychological novel of modern literature written by the Russian Liev Tolstoy.
  • AnaOzores, protagonist of the plot of adultery that takes place in the play "The Regent", 1884 by Clarín.
  • Ana Belen, was born in Madrid in 1950. Pseudonym of the actress and singer Maria del Pilar Cuesta.
  • Nancy Lopez, was born in Torrance, California, USA in 1957, an outstanding golfer considered the best female golf player four times (1978/79/85/88).
  • Anaïs Nin, was born in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France in 1903, daughter of the Cuban composer Joaquín Nin Y Castilian. A novelist famous for her intimate diary that recounts an era in the artistic and literary environment. His work: "Childhood diary"e"Incest".

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