6 natural remedies to eliminate stretch marks after pregnancy

6 natural remedies to eliminate stretch marks after pregnancy

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Stretching of the skin and the appearance of stretch marks is a very common problem in women, especially after pregnancy. There are many reasons behind the appearance of stretch marks, among which we could highlight, possible hormonal changes, increase in volume in the abdomen after childbirth, lack of flexibility of the skin ...

What we will try to achieve with the remedies that we will see below is to saturate the skin so that it stays hydrated. The more hydrated we keep the skin, the less stretch marks and marks will appear, and the ones that already appeared will disappear sooner.

Home remedies for the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy

1.- Olive oil

Olive oil is a very common natural solution in the treatment of stretch marks and hydration of the skin in general. With some oil in our hands, we just have to rub and massage our belly consistently to make the stretch marks disappear. We must wash the mixture with water instantly after applying the oil on the marks. The process is quite slow and takes time to take effect.

2.- Aloe Vera Gel

This plant is famous for the properties of the gel that it contains within its leaves and stem. What we will do is apply the aloe vera gel on the area with stretch marks daily to help speed up recovery and soothe the skin.

3.- Egg white

Egg whites are rich in proteins that help regenerate our skin. By applying egg whites on the stretch marks daily we will be able to eliminate stretch marks caused by pregnancy.

4.- Water

For a correct regeneration and elasticity of the skin, it is important that we keep our body hydrated. To do this, we must consume an average of 10-12 glasses of water a day. In this way we will keep our skin hydrated and help it regenerate faster and with better results (including stretch marks).

5.- Lemon juice

The acidity of lemon can heal or help reduce stretch mark marks. We just have to rub and massage the stretch mark area with freshly squeezed lemon juice. Allow the skin to absorb the juice, and then rinse with cold water. By doing this on a daily basis, we can observe how the marks disappear little by little.

6.- Sugar scrub

Another solution for stretch marks is the sugar scrub. To prepare the sugar scrub we will mix a tablespoon of sugar with a few drops of lemon and a little bit of almond oil (it is important that we mix it well). We will apply the mixture directly on the stretch marks. This will remove the dead skin. We will apply the mixture daily before bathing. Little by little the stretch marks will disappear.

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