Palo Cortado Restaurant

Palo Cortado Restaurant

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The Casa Juan el Rincón de Jaen Restaurant is located in the vicinity of the Malagueta beach,

near the bullring, 50 meters from the Palace of Justice, in a house from the early twentieth century. The restaurant has two floors decorated in a minimalist way and a kitchen open to view the diners.

The kitchen of Miguel Palma -a Murcian adopted in Malaga- is immensely creative and avant-garde but with a traditional base. Some call it "bold". It comes from the School of LaCónsula and has received in Basque lands the influence of MartinBerasategui and in La Mancha lands that of Manolo de la Osa (The jail). In Palo Cortado he leads a team of young people. His slogan is: "as always, as never". It is a kitchen on the rise within the current Malaga restaurant.
Delicious and recommended tasting menu. On the menu, the starters are very creative, more conservative in the main dishes (meat, fish). Luxury desserts. Affordable prices.

Selectabodega with 200 updated and selected references and at a good price.

MarinaAlcalá (also trained at La Cónsula) directs the service Leticia Godoy, the sumellier.

Google Maps address and phone Pries, 4 (29016 Málaga). Tel: 952 221 770
Chef: MiguelPalma (kitchen) and Marina Alcalá (living room) (both owners)

Menu / Recommended dishes

Iberian double chin carpaccio. Barrel anchovies with beetroot pipirrana. Broken eggs with pan potatoes and pepper oil. Squid stuffed with pig's trotters and tender pistachio oil. Oxtail ravioli with a sweet odorous sauce. Iberian pork secret. Apple with apple foam, bay leaf ice cream and roasted apple. Temoruno foam. Tasting menu.

Other data of interest: Closed on Sunday and the second half of August
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