Make the garden look bigger

Make the garden look bigger

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How to make my small garden look bigger in a small bungalow or chalet.

I've seen a very simple video of Charlie Siegchrist on sharing a “secret” trick to making small gardens look bigger. The trick can help make the garden look visually "bigger"; it is based on our perception of colors.

Apparently the way the human eye works is very spatially related to colors. Bright colors like red, for example, seem to be closer to us. We also have what is often called the "aerial perspective" that gives us depth through the blue colors.

Flower colors to look like a bigger garden

The very simple trick consists of:

  • Place the brightest colors in the closest part. For example red flowers.
  • Next would go flowers for example of purple colors
  • Then blue colors, playing with blue gradients until reaching a silver color.

This will have achieved a larger visual perspective of our garden, making it appear much larger. The following video that we have discussed allows us to check the effectiveness of the color tricks to enlarge the garden.

I leave you this video in which they give more tips and tricks to visually enlarge the garden

Video: Small Garden, Big Ideas. Phil Spencer: Home Hero (August 2022).