David Winer Bridges Atom Google… rssAtom

David Winer Bridges Atom Google… rssAtom

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Today we open this newspaper that aims to monitor the excellent scripting news by David Winer. it seemed to us a modest contributory formula to encourage fusion.

Winer proposes to all the protagonists of the RSS-XML-Atom theme that instead of each working on one side, fragmenting the syndication field, they find a way to join forces and make a compatible system for all. In this sense, he offers a plan to merge RSS and Atom, in the same way that they managed to merge the UserLand and Netscape formats in 1999. He says that the time has come to have the same philosophy and respect each other, RSS, Google, SixApart etc, to be able to advance.

The problems generated by the unwanted conflict are untimely in order to achieve a rapid implementation of the RSS and its benefits, among many others, for the world of education, for example. This concern is leading to proposals and services to convert the Atom XML feed into RSS feed into practice today.

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