Nanotechnology and dentistry

Nanotechnology and dentistry

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Nanotechnology dental prostheses

The Millennium Research Group (MRG) has carried out a detailed analysis of the US dental implant market in its report "US Markets for Dental Implants 2007". In particular, many leading dental implant manufacturers are incorporating nanotechnology into the surface design of their implants because this technology appears to cut healing time in half and improve osseointegration.

“Nanotechnology-based dental implant surfaces represent a new generation of surface treatments. Clinical data suggest that these new surfaces may benefit patients by reducing the time it takes for osseointegration to occur, ”says Melicent Lavers, MRG Director of Dental Research. "However, the price of these new dental implants has a surcharge and it is not yet clear whether or not dentists are charging the additional cost to patients."

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