5 tips to have a happy Valentine's Day if you are single

5 tips to have a happy Valentine's Day if you are single

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How to survive Valentine's Day if you are single

Being single should never be a reason to feel sad, much less Valentine's Day. Instead of letting this holiday sink us down, Why not celebrate singleness hand in hand with Valentine's Day?

A relationship does not define who we are, so if some couples decide to pamper themselves on Valentine's Day, lsingle people also have the right to pamper themselves or to pamper their friends, family, strangers ...


5 Tips to apply Valentine's Day if you are single

1. Keep busy on said day

Plan what you are going to do this day it is very important. Even if it's something as simple as staying home watching TV or meeting a friend for coffee. It is enough to do something that allows us to put aside everything related to Valentine's Day

WARNING: Stay away from romantic restaurants or flower shops. This step is especially important for those who have just gotten single and may need more planning not to spend the night alone.

2. Pamper yourself!

So what if we don't have someone to give us flowers and chocolates on Valentine's Day? Why not use the day as an excuse to pamper yourself?

A wine and a bubble bath, a visit to the masseuse or a night snuggled with a long-awaited book or movie can be perfect. Anything that gets out of the routine and makes us feel special is valid.

3. Surprise someone!

We are not the only single person on Valentine's Day, Why not find others who are in the same situation and do something different?

Perform acts of kindness at random, deliver Valentine's cards to a nursing home or invite a group of friends to a special dinner Singles on Valentine's Day are some possibilities.

4. Maybe it's time to meet new people

Perhaps it is time to consider if it really is time to make new friends and change of scene. Today with the Internet no one has to feel alone. Throught social media you can look for people with similar hobbies and start a friendship.

You can also look for associations related to activities or causes that motivate us and join them. The point is to get started, and Valentine's Day can be a great time to do so.

5. Take a trip (nothing romantic)

For example, a stay in a wellness hotel or spa It is a great option for a single person. Or opt for take your friends and go to the end of the world. Whatever, but dare.

That nothing stops you from making any plan that you want, not a particular day, not a sentimental situation, or conventions ... NOTHING !!

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