30 DiY organizers to make your life simpler

30 DiY organizers to make your life simpler

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Tricks to organize everything at home

Nowadays everything moves too fast ... The pace of work, the salary, the debts, the tasks of the house, the family ... So many obligations end up driving us crazy! In these cases, maintaining an organization and order helps a lot to our mental health, which in turn helps us to combat the stress of the day to day.

To help you maintain that organization and order, we have made a list of "hacks" (or organizers) that will help us to have everything in place, save time and thus not go crazy:

1.- Reuse door knobs as hangers

2.- Use a towel hanger as an organizer for bracelets and bangles

3.- Reuse the laundry basket to paint the wall

4.- The wine organizers also serve to organize towels

5.- A shoe organizer can be an excellent pantry

6.- With two coat hangers, you can hang the iron

7.- A CD organizer can be an excellent distance

8.- Folio organizers are great for storing cans

9.- The shower curtain pole can also be used as an organizer

10.- If the space where we park is relatively small, we can use pool noodles or other materials to facilitate parking.

11.- An old tissue box is an excellent bag keeper

12. If you arrive from shopping and want to keep the door open, you can use an elastic band as in the photo

13.- Use a squeegee (the typical one for cleaning windows) to remove the hairs from the carpet

14.- To screw or unscrew a damaged screw, use an elastic band.

15.- Place a magnetic strip under the kitchen cupboard to store the spices

16.- Use letter (or folios) organizers as storage for flip flops, sandals and flat shoes

17.- Glue a magnet to the bottom of your hammer to bring the nails there and not have to hold them in the mouth

18.- Use nail polish to organize your keys

19.- Use frames with molding to store shoes with heels

20.- Fold your clothes vertically so that it is easier to take them without cluttering and to occupy as little space as possible

21.- Chew gum while cutting onion to avoid watering your eyes

22.- A cassette cover is ideal to place your mobile

23.- To finish repelling the nutella from a pot, put two scoops of vanilla ice cream inside and enjoy (: D)

24.- Use a hair clip to organize your headphones

25. With a soda can opener you can hang two racks where one can fit

26.- Use the dustpan to fill the mop bucket when there is no space

27.- Put the pancake mix in a pot of ketchup or mayonnaise to make pancakes without making a mess

28.- Use the rolls of paper used as cable organizers

29.- To remove the stem from a strawberry, simply insert a straw through the tip and remove it through the stem

30.- To prevent two extension cables from unplugging, tie a knot between them

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