El Bulli Restaurant - Ferrán Adrià

El Bulli Restaurant - Ferrán Adrià

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currently closed

There is a lot of consensus regarding El Bulli as the best restaurant in the world, in fact this consensus grows even more when it comes to designating the best chef in the world today: Ferran Adria.

According to the most specialized voices, we are before the first in history: "the greatest genius of all time."

Therefore, talking about El Bulli is referring to many things. Ferrán Adriáy el Bulli represent a gastronomic revolution of the first order in the whole world. The ability to create and reinvent the kitchen, no more, no less. And the Bulli and Ferrán thing is not conjunctural.

Each year it revalidates its leadership and is creating a national and international school of gastronomic excellence with new developments and ideas, based on relevant changes in techniques and principles. Every year the artist surpasses himself.

Ferrány el Bulli have fulminated the immovable principles of the kitchen and have given it new dimensions, new senses with which to impact human sensuality. Taste, smell, sight, touch, even hearing participate in each creation that become a tribute to the diner himself. An arduous research and test work that almost approximates the scientific method. Maximin's maxim "Creativity is not copying"That influenced Adriá so much, has allowed him to go beyond creating his own identity, has consolidated the capacity for permanent change without renouncing excellence.

Without provocation, eccentricity and radicality, Ferrán Adriá's cuisine has fully entered the maturity of pure flavors, brilliant displays and impossible elaborations.

There is already an accumulated wealth of impressive gastronomic knowledge and knowledge since 1993, with those incipient salty sorbets, to continue with the foams the following year, the hot gelatins later ...

But the sum of innovative and sophisticated techniques increases in a range of immense possibilities for modern cuisine within Ferrán Adriá's movement (including his school): smoke technique, distillate technique (Joan Roca), liquid nitrogen technique (Dani García), technique of esterification, encapsulation, lyophilization ...

At El Bulli, there is no need to enter details about your offer or service. Everything tends to the highest excellence, innovation and leadership.

The current Bulli team, apart from Ferrán Adrià and Albert Rourich, is made up of: Juli Soler, Lluis García and LluísBiosca (room); Lucas Paya and Ferrán Certelles (sommelier).

The Escuela del Bulli extends directly and indirectly throughout the world. It is the direct house of Hacienda Benazuza, in Seville. But also indirectly, for example in Madrid, through The Brooch (Sergi Arola), The Casino Terrace (Paco Roncero), etc ...

Google Maps address and phone
CalaMontjoi. (17480 Roses / Rosas)
56 km from Girona.
Phone: 972 150 457
Chef: FerránAdrià and Albert Rourich

Menu / Recommended dishes

Tasting menu. There are real milestones in their creations: Caipirinha-nitro with tarragon concentrate. Tuna marrow with soy. Potato gnocchi with its butter ravioli juice. Prawns in the natural. Chocolate land. "Ceilman Button" electric milk. However, dishes are not recommended as they change from season to season. More than a hundred creations ovariations in each annual season.

Other data of interest:

Hours: only dinners. Closed Monday and Tuesday (except summer) and from October 1 to April 1. In those six months of closure, El Bulli designs and rehearses its creations and research activity.

Obtaining a table at El Bulli has become almost impossible. For example, the restaurant is already fully booked for the 2007 season.

El Bulli does not have a waiting list but suggests checking if there is any cancellation at the time of confirming all reservations One week before.

E-mail: [email protected] Fax: +34 972 15 07 17
Tel. +34 972 15 04 57
(in season, from 3:00 p.m.).

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Elcatering of The Bulli

The headquarters of elBullicatering It is in the kitchen of the Barcelona Aquarium, under the tutelage of Eduard Roigé. With the motto "Adrià within reach of many". Many of the recipes of the Bulli they may be capable of being produced on a larger scale. Today it has its own personality and can be an option to comfortably enjoy Bulli's cuisine. See:

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