Villages of the Sierra de Alcaraz

Villages of the Sierra de Alcaraz

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Those who know the province of Albacete assure that it is one of the most beautiful in Spain. We invite you to travel through the Sierra de Alcaraz.

Villages of the Sierra de Alcaraz (Albacete): Ayna, Batán del Puerto, Lietor, Alcaraz ...

The Sierra de Alcaraz hides charming landscapes that are difficult to forget. One of the first towns that come to mind is Ayna (Some jokingly call it the "Swiss manchega"). About 60 km. from Albacete and in the last foothills of the Sierra del Segura. From the viewpoint of the devil it is possible to get a really captivating image of the town. From Aina you can go to the source of the Mundo River, an enclave that someone who is a nature lover cannot miss for anything. A great hotel to stay in these places is the Hotel Felipe II, in the heart of the Sierra de Alcaraz y Segura and about 40 km from the source of the Mundo River, a main tributary of the Segura.

In these surroundings you should not miss a village with a few houses called Batán del Puerto. Some say that President Adolfo Suárez met with his family, as a spiritual retreat, in these areas of Ayna and Batán. In Batán del Puerto he would eat authentic La Mancha cuisine from María, the one from the hostel or Pensión del Batán. This La Mancha kitchen has the authenticity of a solid mountain kitchen with a strong personality: Venison pate, porridge, hare gazpachos, rags with blood sausage, rice with chicken and ribs, wild boar chorizo, ham with apple puree or goo, a kind of semolina with bits of chopped sausage. All this not to mention Sierra fruit jams, homemade pates, grabbed eggs, migas, stew, and some unique homemade desserts. You will understand why this village tells the legend that it was able to seduce the first president of the Spanish democratic transition.

Another point and apart deserves Lietor. A medieval and Islamic structure, due to its narrow streets where tourists flock to go to the Lietor Organ Concert Cycle. The hermitage of Bethlehem boasts a really impressive sample of popular art from the 18th century, everything is painted in a naive and colorful line within the best popular aesthetic. Something that the traveler appreciates in an unexpected discovery.

We are not talking about the town of Alcaraz, with its emblematic towers, the capital of the Sierra that bears his name and whose charms are better known and there is more extensive information. Do not stop walking along the main street, apart from following the recommendations of the guides to use.

If after this excursion to the towns of the Sierra de Alcaraz you still want to continue with the towns of Albacete, our recommendation is to travel to the Hoces del Júcar and del Cabriel. There wait Alcalá del Júcar and other towns. But that is another story…

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