How to see in Google Maps all the places where you have traveled (or been)

How to see in Google Maps all the places where you have traveled (or been)

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Google can record all your locations and journeys and offer them to you visually in a Google map place to place you have traveled or been.

If, for example, you have a Gmail account or you use any of the Google applications on your devices (laptop, tablet, smartphone), there is a high probability that Google has some of your location data stored in its systems.

There's an easy way to see exactly what Google knows about where you've been, and you can even see a map of locations that you have visited to date.

All this depends on whether they are enabled two settings or functions linked to your Google account:

  • Location registration
  • Location history.

How to see in Google Maps all the places where you have been

If you are interested in seeing what has already been recorded on Google Maps:

1. First, log into the Gmail or Google account you use the most.

2. Then head over to this (little known) Google Maps website, where you'll find a screen like this:

3. By choosing days, dates, etc. and zooming in on the map to see details, you will be able to see dates and places with routes. Even in the same building if it is large, the different locations are identified in their dependencies or parts of the building.

Usefulness of this function: trips, work control ...

1. Travel. This function can be very useful to remember exactly the places you have visited on a trip or their chronology, as long as you keep a device permanently connected (smartphone, laptop, tablet, google glass) and with the login of a Google account.

2. Work control. For example, for those companies that have professionals who carry out their work through travel (transport, logistics, commercial, security ...).

Google+, Google Map and photos

In addition and very recently Google is offering some users of Google+ a descriptive tool that integrates the route of a trip and the photos that have been taken in the different locations. It is like a chronological photo album and located in each location we have visited.

It is a magnificent tool that exploits three resources, the locations of a user in Google maps and the photos of Picasa geopositioned and linked to each location. Perhaps it is the first in a long list of interesting applications.


Although Google does not make this information public and only you can access with your login, if you still consider that this information should not be recorded in order to protect the privacy of your movements, we recommend that you disable this function in: The location in Settings of Google.

Google allows you to disable these features at any time, and as you'll see on the previous page offers step-by-step instructions.