Gemini July 2013

Gemini July 2013

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Gemini July 2013

Horoscope of the month of the sign of Gemini:
July 2013

Best days for Gemini in July: 4,5,6,14,15,24, 29,30
Most stressful days for Gemini in July: 12,13,19,20

Better days for him love
Geminiin July: 1,7,8,10,20,25,29,30

Better days for him money and Geminiin July: 8,16,17,18,27
Better days for him job and Gemini in July: 7,17,25,26

July will be a month of great sensitivity for everyone, due to the water element, which will influence the planets. Metaphysically, you will also be able to feel and understand that what you were looking for and yearned for, you have already achieved and you will feel satisfied.

With your partner there will be harmony and a lot of tenderness. The relationship continues smooth sailing and your partner is still focused on you. They will share their good financial streak and will support each other in every way. They can share a whim: a vacation, for example!

In July Mars and Uranus will meet, which can cause accidents of all kinds in your life and that of your partner, brothers ... Be careful with the car and with arguments. They could end badly.

His health and energy are still excellent, but it would be nice if he took a break from the 22nd. More energy is lost in the heat.

Activity in your life will be almost completely stopped. Do the important thing before the 8th, because between the 8th and the 20th all the planets will go retrograde and inactivity will appear in your life. Everything will be as dead. It will take you a lot to move forward, get things done and get things done. Plan everything well, before you move, because if you do something wrong, it will cost you a lot to fix the mess.

Your finances will be very good and your partner will help you if necessary. The full Moon on the 8th will greatly favor you and that day you may have a pleasant surprise. As the month goes on, you get even better. Finances do not have to worry you because they will do you very well throughout the year.

Communication with others will be excellent, especially from the 22nd. You can do what you like the most, such as: reading, learning, teaching, trading, talking, exchanging ideas. It will be a fabulous month in this regard for you.

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