Safe internet for children

Safe internet for children

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KidZui, “the Internet for children” (, announced a new add-on for Mozilla Firefox 3.0 that integrates its revolutionary browser and Internet service for children into Firefox, offering millions of Firefox users access, with a just one click to KidZui and its more than 1.5 million secure kid-friendly websites, games, photos, and social networks. The KidZui Mozilla plugin has all the tools that the standalone version of the KidZui browser for PC and Mac has, including the ability to password lock KidZui so that children cannot close the browser and open other applications. On the other hand, it makes it easier for parents and children to use the same computer without worry.

"Since its launch in March, hundreds of thousands of children and parents have seen the benefits of KidZui and have become active and engaged users" of that service, said Cliff Boro, President of KidZui. "The KidZui Plugin for Mozilla now gives us the opportunity to connect with the active Mozilla community, giving them access to a secure social browser with just one click."

KidZui hired the prominent Firefox development team at Briks Software (, led by Brian King, to develop the add-on that integrates KidZui into Firefox. Briks has developed many popular Mozilla plugins, including Fotofox, Zemanta, and SmartPrint.

Built for kids ages 3-12, the free KidZui browser and service make surfing the web safe and fun for kids. With KidZui, children can independently access more than 1.5 million websites, games, photos and videos, all reviewed and approved by a team of professional editors. KidZui also offers a safe social network for children.

Once users download the KidZui plug-in for Mozilla, all they have to do is click the “K” icon on the toolbar to instantly launch KidZui and prevent children from accessing any other browser application. Children will not be able to exit KidZui until their parents enter a password.

The KidZui plugin can be downloaded at:

Source: Marketwatch

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