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5 Ways to Lead by Example at Work

5 Ways to Lead by Example at Work

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As the leader of your company / business you must send the right message to your employees, partners, clients and colleagues.

All of these people expect you to lead by example. You may think that your work speaks for itself, but your image and behavior do not always have to convey what you expect. Use these 5 Tips to make sure your intentions are reflected by your actions:

1. Get there early

In leadership it is essential to eliminate the premise of "Do what I say, not what I do". If you normally go to the office late, your employees might assume they can do the same too.

If you require your employees to be at a specific time in the office, your job as a leader is to arrive at the same time or even earlier. Be the one who receives them in the office, and not that they are the ones who see you enter.

The attitude towards work of your employees is strongly influenced by your actions. Exemplify the ideals and characteristics that you would like to see in them every morning when they go to work.

2. Consider appearance

What you are wearing is your personalized non-verbal method of presentation to the world. The way you dress and wear your clothes You can communicate to others that you are competent, organized, aware, or powerful, among other things.

3. Share the success

"If you want to go fast, walk alone, if you want to go far, go together"

It is very difficult for a lonely businessman to ever succeed. You will quickly lose the respect of your employees and co-workers if you refuse to share the stage with them. When you share success and showers of praise with them, you are really motivating them to do their best.. Do not be afraid to distribute the cake, in the future this cake will be returned to you much bigger and better.

4. Embody the brand of your company

Is your trademark congruent with your personal brand? Regularly update your blog, website and your social media profiles to make sure they positively reflect what your business and business idea is about. Once done, make sure that you and your employees continue to deliver on the promise of your company philosophy.

5. Hone your listening skills

You need to listen to learn. Strive to be a better listener. If you are tempted to look at your mobile every time it rings or vibrates, turn it off or leave it in your office. Avoid interrupting when someone is speaking.

Actively listen and ask questions when relevant. Let your employees know that they have to follow your example. After all, politeness and good manners never go out of style.

I, as always, wait for you in the next one. A big greeting and a hug, Andrea.

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