10 things about Ana Patricia Botín, President of Banco Santander

10 things about Ana Patricia Botín, President of Banco Santander

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Ana Patricia Botín as President of Banco Santander marks a milestone as a woman by leading a family of four generations of male bankers and one of the main banks in the world.

Ana Patricia Botín, President of Banco de Santander, born in 1960

Botín Family, Image: Telva

10 things about Patricia Botín, President of Banco Santander

1. Financial genes

Distill financial genes everywhere. He succeeds the best banker of all time.

2. Sensitivity for art and patronage

From her mother, Paloma O`Shea has inherited a sensitivity for art, music and patronage. The maternal surname O'Shea is of English origin and also with an outstanding background in banking.

3. Brilliant training

As a young man he had a very brilliant training outside of Spain in various schools in Switzerland, Austria, and the United Kingdom. Master five languages. studied at Bryn Mawn University (United States) and the prestigious Harvard University where he graduated in Economics.

Ana Patricia Botín in a recent speech at Georgetown University

4. Maximum responsibilities.

An extraordinary professional experience. Before becoming president, he was also President of Banesto and CEO of Banco de Santander in the United Kingdom, in both cases with an excellent reputation and succeeding top-level executives such as Alfredo Sáenz and António Horta-Osório. Previously Ana Patricia Botín He was responsible for the Global Wholesale Banking of Banco Santander Central Hispano (BSCH).

Ana Patricia Botín Santander Universities United Kingdom The Guardian

5. A long period of business and professional learning

He has learned from his failures (such as Suala Capital, his venture capital company) and, as his father did, he went through several key levels and divisions in the Bank. Since 1988 she assumed various responsibilities (capital markets, investment banking, Banco Santander de Negocios, bank in Latin America as president of Banco Río de Argentina…).

Image: Fianncial Times

6. Successes outside the Bank

At just 20 years old, he took his first steps in 1981 at JP Morgan, where he worked in Madrid and New York. Five years later she was appointed Vice President of JP Morgan in Spain. He is also currently on the Board of Directors of The Coca-Cola Company. The United Kingdom and in the Anglo-Saxon world have earned their own image as an influential executive with a strong personality.

7. Defender of the digital economy and the Internet

Since its inception, it opted for the Internet and the digital economy, relying on people of the worth ofAna Maria Llopis (after leaving the Open Bank) in Coverlink (sold to Indra in 2002) an incubator of digital companies or Francesc Fajula (Yuzz, in Banesto and in connection with Silicon Valley). Likewise, it has promoted the relationship with the Anglo-Saxon universities and the university projects of Santander Universities related to the Internet.

8. Discretion

He has never granted an interview and the discretion about his private and family life is absolute. It is known that she plays golf, is a fan of Racing del Santander and little else. It does actively participate in specialized forums such as Davos, FMI, DeustoForum ...

Ana Patricia Botín at the Davos Economic Forum

9. International projection

Before becoming president of Santander, in 2004, the newspaper ‘Financial times‘Considered her the second most influential woman in Europe and the magazine‘Fortune‘, As the sixth most powerful businesswoman outside the US. The BBC in a survey in 2013 ranked her as the third most influential woman in the UK, Bloomberg calls her “Queen Booty". The British Government recently named her among the personalities to promote the city London as a financial center.

10. Strong character and own decisions

Those who know her define her as a woman with her own ideas and a strong character. He surrounds himself with talent and is prone to managing the best teams at each site. She is the founder and president of the non-profit foundation Knowledge and Development (CYD), which promotes the contribution of the university world to economic and social development. also founder of the Fundación Empresa y Crecimiento, which finances small and medium-sized companies in Latin America

The press around the world has reported the fact that it is not usual for a woman to hold one of the most prominent areas of financial power in the world. Likewise, those who know her well have stressed that her promotion to the Presidency of Santander is not an inheritance, but that she has earned it on her own merits through an impeccable personal and professional career.

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